Pick It Up In Stores

Every issue of both weekly newspapers is $1. You can pick up a copy of The Regional News at the LaCrosse BP Gas Station, LaCrosse Public Library, the Wanatah Speedway, the Wanatah Dollar General, Dewey’s Auto Supply, the Marathon Plaza 30 Truck Stop near Hanna, or the Kouts Family Express. You can pick up a copy of the Westville Indicator at the Old Time Country Market, Casey’s General Store, the Westville Family Express, Westville Dollar General, or the Westville BP.

Have it delivered

A year subscription can be purchased for $45 for subscribers located in a 463** zip code and is delivered by USPS every week. Non-local subscriptions cost $60 per year. Clip the subscription form out of page 3 of a newspaper or download it by clicking below.

Order Online

Download the Form